Mounties – “Headphones”


Hawksley Workman, Steve Bays, and Ryan Dahle make up the Canadian trio Mounties, who recently put out their first single in the form of “Headphones”. Bays is best known as the frontman for Hot Hot Heat. “Headphones”, like much of HHH’s material, is silly catchy while also being slightly weird. The band has said they recorded something like 30 songs over the course of a two-week writing binge in Vancouver. Everyone sings on this track, and even Bays’ recognizable voice is blended in well enough to only add to the mix, rather than dominate it.

Mounties will apparently have a full album out soon, but it might be hard to fit into Bays’ schedule, which has the recently released Fur Trade LP and the upcoming Hot Hot Heat record taking up his time as well. The man keeps busy, and the quality seems to be maintained throughout each of these full-fledged projects.

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