Phosphene – “Owls”

Phosphene Africa

Here’s some pretty electronica that glistens its way to spacey heights. Phosphene, the project of South African producer Adrian Martens, shows plenty of potential for radio play with a youthfully-geared form of electronic pop. Although his vocals lack slightly in melodic variation, Martens’ production is top-notch, delivering a truly infectious and hypnotic collection of arpeggiated synths and club-based build-ups. Think Owl City without the blandness. “Polaris” soars to anthemic heights with a chirping chorus that beckons a guiding starlight, while “Owls” works from squiggly synths and smooth-as-butter verses. Martens has plenty of ability as a producer, and I’m looking forward to seeing where Phosphene goes next.


Mike Mineo

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