Ross Fish – “Chasing Ghosts”

Ross Fish - Young and Naive

We’ve featured Ross Fish in the past with “Puzzles” and “A349M“, and now the singer/songwriter expands his electro-pop boundaries even more with the upcoming release of his new album, Young and Naive. With an active Kickstarter campaignYoung and Naive was cut live to tape with a drummer and Fish on keys, producing the intimate yet infectious sound found on tracks like “Chasing Ghosts”. With zero edits in the recording process, Fish pushes his philosophy and aesthetic to the extreme. “Don’t you know that chasing ghosts will get you nowhere,” he sings during the bouncy chorus of “Chasing Ghosts”, quickly accompanied by a dramatic synth bridge. “Great guitarists didn’t live before guitars existed, and awful rappers didn’t spit before Brooklyn looked like shit,” Fish croons during the ensuing verse, a tidy lead-in to an energetic keyboard arpeggio. This is an excellent representation of Fish’s genuine sound throughout Young and Naive, which you can purchase a variety of ways through his Kickstarter, which has four days left and less than $200 to reach its goal.

Below, you can also check out Fish’s “A Breath of Fresh Air” installation, which uses music generated by electricity from cubes, where people can create music by touching the keys and conducting electricity:

Also, some videos from Young and Naive:

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