Posted August 1, 2013 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Violent Mae – “Hole in My Heart”

Violent Mae

Alternating between Connecticut and NYC, indie-rock duo Violent Mae craft a sleepy yet infectious vein of guitar-driven rock. Comprised of Becky Kessler (vocals, guitar) and Floyd Kellogg (drums, bass, banjo, and piano), Violent Mae have released a pleasing effort with “Hole in My Heart”. Kessler pursues lackadaisical yet highly melodic vocals, comparable to PJ Harvey in their quivering nonchalance. Her crunchy layers of guitar are supported by Kellogg’s conventionally steady rhythmic backbone. It leads to a mellow chorus that marks the track’s greatest point of clarity. “Just before I drift off you come back in my head,” Kessler sings at this point, turning the nonchalant verses into a melancholic longing in the chorus. “Hole in My Heart” is a low-key yet overall effective track that shows Violent Mae as a group quite contrary to their name. Instead of violent guitar lashes, Violent Mae take a patient approach to their pop songwriting, somewhat dreamily and stoned while retaining a slick guitar-driven infectiousness that becomes prominent as the track progresses.


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