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Cull – “World Inside Your Head”

Cull - World Inside Your Head

The gauzy waves of noise within the usual shoegaze arsenal tends to produce nocturnal, relatively melancholic tones. “World Inside Your Head”, the new track from Sydney-based group Cull, features a massive shoegaze-inspired soundscape, but one that benefits from bright effervescence as opposed to dark corners. In fact, moments on “World Inside Your Heard” and the more thunderous “Canker” resemble a circus of lights, jovial feels amid the comforting glow. Cull’s upcoming EP, bà n?i, was recorded and produced by the band themselves, “right down to building a studio under a loft bed and lots of other fun, DIY adventures.” After the robotic haze settles, “World Inside Your Head” shows itself as part of the My Bloody Valentine and Ride ilk, with reverbed androgynous vocals caressing layers of weeping guitar waves and hypnotic percussion. The instrumental bridge at around the 02:15 mark is enormously powerful, a devastating combination of crystallized synth pads that wreak enjoyable havoc upon the already-desirable composition. Cull produce some extremely powerful stuff, and “World Inside Your Head” is a prime example.

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