Million Kopek – “Tous les humains”

Million Kopek

Million Kopek compare slightly to fellow French electronic duo Air. They alternate between intoxicating exotic soundscapes and tightly constructed pop maneuvers with a lush stylistic edge. Million Kopek gravitate more toward the rock spectrum, with a track like¬†“Tous les humains” incorporating natural rhythmic elements over electronic flourishes. It alternates between moments of bass-led sparseness and elaborate expansion, the former propelled by a subtle whirring synth. The chorus, where the vocals lead with “tous les humains”, is an utterly infectious stride of spacey elegance. The contrast between verse-chorus provides an excellent adventure, an unpredictably enjoyable showing from a French duo with tons of potential.¬†From the fast-paced rocker “It’s Gonna Happen Now” to the eclectic “Tous les humains”, Million Kopek’s three available Soundcloud tracks show a lot of range.

Mike Mineo

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