Mumblr – “Somebody Touch Me”

Mumblr Philadelphia

You may remember Mumblr from last year’s infectious track “Father’s Day“, a nice glimpse at the Philly-based rock group’s knack for ferocious hooks. Their latest release is a split with two other groups, Pill Friends and Soda Bomb. Mumblr’s contribution is “Somebody Touch Me”, a highly energetic track that definitely lives up to the “rotten fuzz-punk” label. Unlike many groups within the same niche, Mumblr are not afraid of exploring strange structural twists, which results in exciting success on efforts like “Somebody Touch Me”. Smooth guitar-pop beginnings escalate into more rhythmic involvement and soaring electric melodies, before a blast of dirty distortion coincides with pleas of “somebody touch me!” What follows is a riveting series of raucous punk-inspired outbursts and melodic alternative twists, the latter comparing to Pavement in the occasional guitar nonchalance — like at the 01:40 guitar bridge. “Somebody Touch Me” manages to show infectiousness while showing off Mumblr’s playful personality, a characteristic of a group with tons of cult potential.


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