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River Fury – “Our Only Comfort (Being Fooled)”

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London-based group River Fury play full-bodied rock that borrows from psychedelia and glam-rock, which is an effective hybrid on new single “Our Only Comfort (Being Fooled)”. It’s a swelling journey of a track with plenty of twists. There’s a particularly ferocious bridge right after the two-minute mark that resembles nasally post-punk in its intensely robotic delivery. The track quickly reverts back to the slabs of sing-along psychedelic-rock, where gushing rhythm guitars move forcefully over a scraggly lead. The driving psychedelic force of Tame Impala comes to mind at certain moments, though River Fury’s sound is chunkier and more obscured at times. What also appears is a likeness to Suede’s earlier and darkest material, at least toward the end of the track. There’s plenty to like with River Fury, so here’s hoping that “Our Only Comfort (Being Fooled)” is just the tip of the iceberg.


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