White Denim – “Looking for a Place to Start”

White Denim new album

Here’s another good one from White Denim, the eclectic Austin-based rockers who have been covered thoroughly here the past few years. “Looking for a Place to Start” is new b-side that was released weeks ahead of White Denim’s new LP Corsicana Lemonade, which came out yesterday. The Pretty Green EP, featuring the track that drew acclaim on White Denim’s recent Letterman performance, will follow that up on November 19th. Rather than serving as one of White Denim’s raucous blue-rockers, “Looking for a Place to Start” presents a smooth sound with tinges of funk and soul. Organs play a heavy role throughout, especially during the retro-studded chorus. The final minute delivers a playful instrumental whirlwind of phased organs, tasty guitar licks, and animated bass; it produces a psych-infused sound that’s one of the most striking I’ve heard from White Denim. I’m a bit surprised this one is a b-side; it stands up to any of the tracks on the stellar LP. White Denim appear to be finishing the year strong with Corsicana Lemonade and the Pretty Green EP, and “Looking for a Place to Start” is an added bonus.

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