The Spires – “Flames (You & I)”

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Not many bands today are capable of tracks like “Flames (You & I)”, a no-frills blast of nostalgia that reminds of ’70s rock groups like Television and The Go-Betweens, who balanced laid-back retrospective vocals with a jangly infusion of new-wave and rock. The track comes from Southern California, by a band named The Spires. They have a new album out, Eternal Yeah, that features excellence like “Flames (You & I)”. The Spires began as a husband-wife duo, and later expanded into a four-piece. This current lineup is clearly very capable, from timeless vocals to ferocious hooks — like the absolutely stellar chorus of “Flames (You & I)”, which almost resembles Television classics like “The Fire” and “Venus” in its guitar-led precision. It helps that the suave vocals resemble Tom Verlaine’s. You gotta check out Eternal Yeah on Bandcamp right now.


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