The Symposium – “The Fifties”

The Symposium - Chicago

“The Fifties” is a nice quickie from The Symposium, a Chicago-based group of indie-rockers who mesh lo-fi garage with a Strokes-y knack for good hooks. The opening track off their Brain Jail EP, “The Fifties” has all the trademarks of an emerging buzz band: youthfully sleek vocals, concisely effective hooks, and a tinny guitar sound that will surely grow as the years go on. Some of the group’s members are only teenagers, so The Symposium’s potential is through the roof. As “The Fifties” is less than a minute long, it’s highly recommended you listen to the rest of their Brain Jail EP, especially the playful fuzz of “Cold Bones”, which evokes summertime trickles with its loosely distorted guitars. “Nino” is a lot of fun, too. Somewhere between The Strokes and Wavves, The Symposium are carving their niche.


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