Legs Like Tree Trunks – “Anchorage”

Legs Like Tree Trunks - Anchorage

From the drop of the first stick, “Anchorage” is a salute to the healing qualities of an uplifting guitar melody. Included on the September 2012 EP Future Reference, this track is laced with accomplished lyricism. Take, for example, the first line: “In the teeth of past judgement a tree sheds its brown leaves.” It has a poetic and naturalistic quality to it. If you like this line, then I suggest you read all the band’s lyrics. I know nothing about Pittsburgh (which is where they come from), but I feel like the track helped me form a clear picture of the members’ emotional states, places, and homes. In short, these guys really know how to write.

On their Bandcamp page, the music is described as Math-y, folk-y indie rock, but there’s barely a calculator or protractor in the track. They are excellent musicians though, and it wouldn’t necessarily take another musician to work this out. The music is tasteful and melodically driven. Matt Holden’s vocals tout a tone that is conversational, soothing and original. The drummer has the skills to host a drum clinic, yet plays tastefully for each moment. The bass player is a huggable, musically gifted bear, and the guitarist is as unassuming as he is talented.

These guys save themselves from being pigeonholed genre-wise because of the focus on the storytelling quality, plus the distinctive sections in the song. “Anchorage” kicks right in with a sweet and addictive guitar hook, tasteful percussion. The pre-chorus and chorus are exquisitely crafted to lift and float the listener. The song is well crafted because the band clearly did their homework in the rehearsal room.

The main thing I love about “Anchorage” – and in fact the band’s sound overall – is their ability to deliver solace in sound. I don’t know what lies ahead for Legs Like Tree Trunks, but – for Future Reference – I’d keep an eye on them.

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