Selles – “Fading Moments”

Selles music

Selles’ “Fading Moments” uses an ambient, chillwave atmosphere to reflect the frailty of life in its structure and tones. This psychedelic trek is led by a droning synthesizer with tones that fade in and out, like a flickering memory of the past that appears dimmer with each passing moment. The halfway points kicks the song into more of a groove that paints imagery of a nighttime city scene. “Fading Moments” reflects on one of life’s greatest struggles: time. The beauty of “Fading Moments” is that it leaves the final resolution of time’s passing imminence to listener interpretation. Still, considering that the percussion stutters and stops very much like an unstable heartbeat toward the track’s conclusion, the frailty of life is certainly one possible theme.

Selles’ debut LP, We Were Giants, is available through a few mediums. Check out Selles’ Bandcamp to purchase the album, or stream it below. The frontman, Michael Jakucs, also makes music under the name The Stars Above. You may remember his name from an interview he did with Obscure Sound last year, which provided a peek at his songwriting process.

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