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Selles – “Fading Moments”

Selles’ “Fading Moments” uses an ambient, chillwave atmosphere to reflect the frailty of life in its structure and tones. This psychedelic trek is led by a droning synthesizer with tones that fade in and out, like a flick...

Interview: Bree And The Whatevers

We sit down with Bree Klauser, vocalist of Brooklyn quartet Bree And The Whatevers, to touch on topics like music career origins and the nature of art.


Interview: Brook Pridemore

Hailing from Brooklyn, Brook Pridemore is a singer/songwriter that has been building a career for himself over the past decade. He plays a stylistically eclectic assortment of folk, punk, rock, and dance. Currently unsigned, Pr...

Rodeo Ruby Love – The Pits (2013)

In 2006, Zachary Melton started the band Rodeo Ruby Love as a side project. Since then, Melton and friends have worked together to create music that means something to them. While their music may be inaccessible to some, itR...


Interview: The Stars Above

Based out of California, The Stars Above is a project geared towards exploration, and it is what Michael Jakucs uses to explore his thoughts and interactions with the world. This artistic vision creates this enjoyably interesti...

Interview: Mount Carmel and the End of the World

Josh Kirby spends most of his time doing work for the band Moving Mountains. However like most musicians nowadays, he stretched his creative wings and began a side project. This side project, Mount Carmel and the End of the Wor...