Amatus – “Run Fast”


Artists in the vein of Janelle Monae and Grimes have mastered the balance between experimentation and mainstream accessibility. Their songwriting and stylistic approaches are bold and original, and both very different. New singer/songwriter Amatus finds similar success on the thrilling and eclectic “Run Fast”, my favorite cut off her debut EP, Broken Compass. Her style is more on the Monae side of things, a crisp pop-based format with orchestral flourishes. The primary difference is that Amatus explores more of the synth-pop side, especially on the twinkling pop crooner “Punk” and throughout the chillwave-like nocturnal synth vibes of atmospheric closer “Cherish”.

“Run Fast” finds a very nice medium for the Chicago-born/Brooklyn-based artist. Thumping heartbeat percussion, romantic piano trickles, and synth-pop squiggles help usher in an accessible and highly melodic intro. A jarring “what do you want?” bridge serves as an interesting lead into the successful chorus, where Amatus shows off her vocal chops over a simplistically effective twangy guitar line. It’s a solid effort, off a promising debut from a young artist whose ability and drive are certainly there. With some refinements, Amatus has a chance to quickly rise through the ranks of left-field pop with some mainstream appeal. Stream Amatus’ Broken Compass EP below, in addition to the music video for “Cherish”:

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