Canopies – “Miss You Now”

Canopies - Miss You Now

Canopies was one of my favorite discoveries of 2011 with their fantastic track “Rebels“, an anthemic synth-pop stunner that drew comparisons to groups like Cut Copy and Hot Chip for their incredibly sleek sound (“Warrior” wore those Cut Copy vibes particularly well). I didn’t expect to not hear from them again until several years later, but the wait was apparently worth it. Canopies’ new single, “Miss You Now”, continues right where the Milwaukee-based group left off: with an irresistible synth-pop anthem. This time, however, there is a very welcome psychedelic edge apparent on the track.

The lead synth on “Miss You Now” is highly charismatic and starry-eyed, in a sense, similar to how MGMT’s lead melodies on tracks like “Electric Feel” seem to sprout new life with each successive chorus. Canopies have a clearer vision than MGMT, though — at least here. These prickly infectious synths carry onward to a joy-filled chorus where the track’s title is repeated over enthusiastic wordless croons and amped-up percussion. One of the track’s most infectious moments occurs during the bridge leading out of the chorus, where chirpy vocals reflect the bouncy synths. “Miss You Now” is one contagious ride as a whole, actually. Nice to see Canopies picking up where they left off.

Craig from Canopies also sends word that a new album is on the way. If this track is any indication, I can’t wait. Canopies definitely have the potential to break out in a big way in 2014.

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