Fire and the Romance – “Way Down Below”

Fire and the Romance

The lead melody of “Way Down Below”, the new single from Fire and the Romance, was formulated in the middle of the night by frontman Dion Roy. It makes sense; there’s certainly a nocturnal oomph to the verses, specifically how the haunting wordless backing croons collide against a backdrop of buzzing bass and guitar bursts. Dion’s voice is smooth and appealing, fit for a pop song but also fitting comfortably to the more adventurous rock-tinged sound of Fire and the Romance. The chorus is as sharply immediate as a gunshot wound to the leg, with a blast of distortion signaling the vocals to raise up several notches in both intensity and volume.

Fire and the Romance make great use of contrasts on a track like “Way Down Below”. The verses are industrial and dark, similar to the sound of Manic Street Preachers’ 2004 album Lifeblood, while the radio-friendly chorus reminds of the most jolted efforts from Atlas Genius and The Postal Service, with its energetic electro-rock incorporation. The transition from scenic grime to dazzling infectiousness is a part of the group’s strong songwriting, a trend that will hopefully continue on their future tracks.

Check out the video for “Way Down Below” as well:

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  1. Dion Roy is awesome. I love this song. Fire & the Romance is already on my favorites playlist. Keep up the good work guys

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