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Taani Ester – “Kangaroo”

Taani Ester - Israel

I don’t know any Hebrew, but the title of this track seems fairly obvious by its irresistibly infectious hooks, where the word “kangaroo” is apparent over a variety of perky guitar bursts, upbeat vocal melodies, and active percussion. The creators of this excellent track, Taani Ester, are a group out of Israel that makes fun rock-pop with comparisons that range from Malajube’s exotic splash of indie-rock and The Kinks’ melodic whimsy to Os Mutantes’ playful innovation. “Kangaroo” is a brisk, two-minute effort, but one that shows the group’s abilities quite well. There’s a slight psych-pop quality in the phased keys during the bridge, and that psychedelic aspect is apparent on other efforts like “Yom Sheni (Monday)”, but “Kangaroo” is just a very solid rock-pop accomplishment with a plethora of hooks and joyous vibes.

Taani Ester released their full-length album four years ago, but have just recently began previewing their upcoming album. The stream below shows the three tracks from the upcoming release, including the excellent “Kangaroo” and just-as-superb “Yom Sheni”. I will most certainly be posting more tracks from this excellent group in the near future; they’re definitely one of my favorite finds, international or otherwise, in recent memory.


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