Fou De Toi – “Dreams”

Fou De Toi

Fou De Toi deliver the crisply sonorous indie-rock we’ve come to expect from the Swedish music scene. A product of just that, the trio refers to their new track “Dreams” as perhaps the “most melancholy, but most honest” song they’ve ever done. It deals with something many of us can relate to: the feeling of uncertainty one gets after finishing up school. Where do you go next? It all seems so uncertain. The lyrics are improvised too, so there’s a literal sense to his honesty, since stream-of-conscious strategies in art have the potential to bring out a songwriter’s most latent desires.

Recorded in Sweden with producer Ronald Bood (Shout Out Louds, The Plan, Mando Diao), “Dreams” immediately establishes its lead melody with a high-pitched piano. Caressing acoustic strums and enthusiastic synth-electric guitar interplay comes quickly into the fold, revealing the hook-y chorus before the 30-second mark. The vocals are clear and refreshing, the youthful tone and melodic whimsy reminiscent of fellow Swedish project The Key Key. “Dreams” isn’t extraordinarily ambitious, but its predictability is calm and reassuring considering the central focus on the effervescent chorus. It works considering the context; when faced with a big decision – like what to do after school – sometimes it’s best to sit back, relax, and put on some immediately accessible ear candy — even if only for a few minutes.

Check out more tracks from Fou De Toi on their Soundcloud and below, where you can also find the music video for “Dreams”:


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