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Malandros – “Beautiful Girls”

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Malandros are a group out of Fort Worth, TX comprised of three locals and a Belgian, who all make music in a house next to the railroad tracks. While that may paint a picture of folk or country-loving emulators, Malandros sit comfortably in the jangle-rock spectrum instead, emitting West Coast relaxation more than down-south stylistic affection. Where these two genres often overlap is highly charismatic guitar leads, an area where Malandros certainly doesn’t lack. On new single “Beautiful Girls” they alternate between a swiftly reverbed jangle – similar to Real Estate – before launching into a more retrospective, twinkling chorus with serene backing vocals reminiscent of sonorous indie-rock acts like Beulah, Starlight Mints, and The Wrens.

The very enjoyable “Beautiful Girls” is the single off Malandros’ 6-song EPĀ Turned Around, which you can stream in full below. Look for similar goodness on gems like “Sprinter” and “Writer’s Block”, the latter of which reminds me fondly of Ghosty tracks like “Henry Greene“:

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