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Mano’s Daughter – “Tailored”


The last track we posted from Mano’s Daughter – thrilling electro-pop effort “The Machine” – showed the London-based duo as master jugglers of somewhat polarizing elements: dark atmosphere and effervescent hooks. The London-based duo Sarah Carter and Matthias Garrick remind of dark electronica trademarks like Portishead and Massive Attack, but with an emphasis on pop music instead of trip-hop. This hybrid of pop-minded infectiousness and dark electronica has even hit the mainstream with artists like Lorde, so there’s no bounds as to the potential star-power of Mano’s Daughter.

The duo’s new track, “Tailored”, follows a structure very comparable to “The Machine”. Like that track, the first minute of “Tailored” is a patient builder of atmospheric. Loose, cavernous drums and bustling bass accompany Carter’s elegant vocals, and from this point it’s hard to tell where the track will go next. Dark electronic experimentation? Pop-minded accessibility? “Tailored” maneuvers more toward the latter when the central chorus hits at 01:18. Clamoring percussion and a buzzing assortment of guitars provide a flash of energy, before it settles down again into atmospheric patience. One more go-around of the infectious chorus, and you have “Tailored”. If you dug “The Machine”, you’ll enjoy this one as well.

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