Michael Rault – “Too Bad So Sad”

Michael Rault

Michael Rault is a singer-songwriter from Edmonton, Canada. He’s also friends with fellow Edmontonian Travis Bretzer, whose spacey jangle-rock sound (“Lady Red“, “Low Volt“) has graced this site several times, and was recently scooped up by Mexican Summer. Rault’s sound isn’t as much toward the jangle-pop as his friend Bretzer’s approach. In fact, Rault evokes more nostalgia by producing consistently in the psych-rock spectrum. His excellent new track, “Too Bad So Sad”, has hints of Dr. Dog’s ’70s-inspired sunshine-rock and Richard Swift’s nasally lead, but also with a timeless, easily accessible quality typical of certain Kinks or Harry Nilsson tracks.

A chugging guitar lead and blaring bursts of brass help establish an initial lead that isn’t too far off from Nilsson’s style, especially his “Lost Weekend” collaborations with Lennon. “Too Bad So Sad” then launches into a chorus with enough meat to satisfy either of these greats, with a sonorous organ and Rault’s anthemic vocals being just the right additions. The spacey, psych-addled bridge around 01:30 is an exceptionally well-done touch, as well, with brilliant use of phasing and extended guitar transmissions. “Too Bad So Sad” is an extremely promising showing from a songwriter very capable of producing accessible psych-rock. I can’t wait for his upcoming album, out later this year.


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