Sarit Barkan – “Shut Your Mouth”

Sarit Barkan

Sarit Barkan is an Israel-based singer-songwriter capable of interweaving hectic technical prowess with reserved, grandiose beauty. A degree from Tel Aviv Academy of Music and years of living in both India and New York has contributed to her colorful sound, which is showcased in exhilarating form throughout her debut EP, How To Compose a Musician. Comparisons are futile for such a unique sound, but the ambition of St. Vincent and Owen Pallett come to mind, specifically the former’s articulate and oft-theatrical delivery and the latter’s fantastic use of both creeping and sweeping orchestral beauty.

Tracks like “Summer” have a playful, idiosyncratic vibe reminiscent of Fiery Furnaces, with varying-tempo vocals that flash between caressing tropical-pop and hectic Super Mario-like anxiety. Then there are majestic, orchestral bursts of pop like “Shut Your Mouth”, a highly elaborate and melodically beautiful track that features a variety of instrumentation. The string staccatos and mellow organ contribute significantly to this gem of a track, as does the lush arrival of padded strings during the chorus. It’s a great entry to Barkan’s sound, which manages to be juggle stylistic ambition with accessible hooks.

Stream the journey that is How To Compose a Musician below, and purchase it on Bandcamp:

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