Sound Palace – “Hold On”

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Whereas more northern states can better accommodate chillier, more emotive synth-pop, the weather in Florida tends to inspire more of the infectious sunshine-filled variety. Such is the case with Fort Lauderdale-based group Sound Palace, who show their chops off on “Hold On”.The synth-pop duo of Justin Amundrud and David Gurr have been writing together for two years, and their first single “Hold On” is a nice introduction for all. The track has shades of M83’s nocturnal allure with its twinkling synths and arpeggiated glistening, but certain elements – like the intensifying percussion and anthemic chorus – remind of brighter synth-pop acts, in the vein of Miami Horror, Cut Copy, or the recently featured Canopies (check them out too!). This track incorporates both bright and dark synth-pop elements in beautifully catchy form.

Sound Palace are currently at work in the studio, where they’ll emerge with an EP set for release in May. In the meantime, you can enjoy efforts like “Hold On”, in addition to the Kirk Cosier remix below:


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