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Wye Oak – “The Tower”

Wye Oak music

I’ve really been enjoying Wye Oak’s upcoming album Shriek the past week; the Baltimore-based project previously known as Monarch really hits their stride with this release. Some of the band’s mainstay elements return – such as the nonchalantly soothing vocals and accessible batch of singles – but Wye Oak seem more capable on the electronic end with Shriek. As much is evident on album standout “The Tower”, a phenomenal track where Jenn Wasner’s vocals cohesively navigate the hypnotic production of Andy Stack, who incorporates a heavy key-based ostinato over warbled, distorted strings. Fuzzy bass and creeping string twangs emerge during the track’s mid-point, eventually serving as even more accompaniment for the thunderous key repetition. It all comes full circle during the final 30 seconds, where all these instrumental elements combine for a stunning finale to one of this year’s great tracks.

You can listen to another Shriek highlight, “Glory”, below. Shriek drops on April 29th.


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