Bossiie – “Tip”


There are many aspiring artists today attempting the charismatic, attitude-heavy hip-hop/R&B of Nicki Minaj and – before her – Missy Elliott, but usually they fall flat by over-valuing their own vocal personalities, which often fails to compare to the stars and their production teams. However, in the case of London-based hip-hop/trap artist Bossiie, she actually knows what she’s doing, as is evident on new track “Tip”. A swanky beat drives the track – with spritzy synth embellishments and whirring bass – but it’s Bossiie’s delivery that does the most of the standout work. Certain lyrical deliveries – like how she incorporates phrases like “freak bitch” and “I tip-tip-tip” – are rhythmically on-cue with the infectious beat. It’s just a fun, stylistically focused track that is ripe for club plays.

“Tip” is one of three tracks off Bossiie’s new EP, Tjovitjo. The EP is a good demonstration of the budding artist’s diversity, especially as the opener “Hero” shows a lusher, more R&B-inclined effort that shows Bossiie’s vocal versatility. Compare her melodically sensual moments in the chorus of “Hero” to a ferocious non-stopper like “Tip”, and it hardly sounds like the same artist. Unlike many others attempting this style, it’s apparent that Bossiie is no one-trick pony. Stream Tjovitjo below to hear for yourself why:

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