High Magic – “The Ghost of Evermore”

High Magic music

High Magic have a very striking sound that sits in post-punk territory, but with an enjoyable emphasis on hard-rock as well. The vocals are unique – much like Nick Cave, Scott Walker, or Future Islands’ Samuel Herring – in that their deep quiver and melodic idiosyncrasies contribute immensely to their unique, rock-solid style. “The Ghost of Evermore” was impressive to me quickly. An ominous clicking guitar-bass combo leads the intro over creepily whirring sound effects and a slight synth pad. The build-up is easy to recognize, with its thunderous guitar riffs and ferocious percussion, but it sounds excitedly unpredictable nonetheless. High Magic are able to integrate raw passion with sheer stylistic wizardry. Both post-punk and hard-rock are styles in which it’s difficult to create something immediately accessible, all while retaining the nocturnal vibes typically present in both approaches. High Magic are able to accomplish this with success on both “The Ghost of Evermore” and “Lonesome Tower”. They sound extremely promising, at points resembling the hypothetical “if Queens of the Stone Age were influenced more by post-punk.”


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