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Simon Adams has traveled the world — teaching in Indonesia, and eventually finding a home in Seoul, South Korea. Throughout this travels, he has kept his hand on the pulse of the accessible alternative-rock scene, where artists like Keane, Coldplay, and others originating from his native England have found sustained success. Adams projects a very engaging sound on standout track “Our Man”, which he describes as “a guitar-driven song about the journey we all must take from aloneness to solitude and joy.” It’s a great summary of Adams’ sound, which mixes relatable life sentiments with soaring hooks, as is the case on “Our Man” when he launches into the sonorous chorus just before the one-minute mark.

The uplifting tunes of Simon Adams have considerable appeal for many domains — from film music to everyday casual listening. He is currently working with producer Erik Nilsson (Eminem, Kayne West, Leona Lewis; producer/composer for Major Labels), in addition to working on projects with producers and songwriters in South Korea. “Our Man” is one of four tracks on Adams’ eponymous EP, which you can stream in full below. It’s ideal for an sunny day when you’re feeling overwhelmingly optimistic, or strive to.

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