Cypress Grove – “Lately”

Cypress Grove

Cypress Grove is the work of an NYC-based producer, guitarist, and pianist. I wasn’t sure what to expect with his track “Lately”, considering the scarcity of other information, but it’s definitely a show-stopper. Influenced partly by Television’s “Marquee Moon” (as self-professed in the SoundCloud comments), the lively guitar arrangements throughout “Lately” resemble Tom Verlaine’s unique approach, where the guitars stray far from conventional reflective rhythms and vibrato is adored. Beyond some of the guitar effects, though, this is a purely one-of-a-kind effort. The lead vocals are nasally yet powerful, and backed marvelously by a stellar female accompaniment that adds a bluesy passion to already-stirring leads. The prickly piano backing and forceful acoustic strums help maintain bouncily infectious vibes, helping makeĀ “Lately” a raucously fun gem.

I’m very excited to see what this new project comes out with next. “Lately” is one hell of an introduction.

Mike Mineo

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