Juliette Jules – “Johnny Was”

juliette jules

Parisian singer/songwriter Juliette Jules sounds like a star in the making. She delivers a generally dark and moody vein of pop led by acoustics and keys, but one that is immediately accessible and ripe with hooks. Her new release, the Black Crow EP, is a nice display of her various deliveries. The slow-drawn, string-accompanied sadness of “Black Crow” very distinctively brings to mind Lana Del Rey, while the catchy “Johnny Was” leads off with a fluttering brand of acoustic-pop — just as pretty as “Black Crow”, but more fleeting and with a hook-y chorus that will easily delight the ears.

Oh yeah — I forgot to mention that Jules is 16. Although producer Peter Karroll has certainly aided the process with crisp production and songwriting contributions, Jules’ talent is quite obvious, and it would be regardless of age. As it stands, this young talent has plenty of time to grow as a songwriter even more. It’s good to see that 16-year-olds are attempting a darker, artistic mold of pop music, as opposed to the bland boy/girl-crazy songs of their young contemporaries. Grab the rest of Juliette Jules’ impressive new EP, Black Crow, on Bandcamp.

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  1. I can’t believe she’s only 16. She’s got the voice of someone much more seasoned. She’s going to give the Lana Del Rey’s of the music world a run for their money!

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