The Vaporettos – “Fortress”

the vaporettos

The Vaporettos are a rock group from Vancouver that sound relatively similar to early Blur, but with an added post-punk punch. These Canadians showcase a bevy of talent throughout their debut EP, which was produced by Fran Ashcroft (Blur, Dandy Warhols, The Pretty Things). It’s apparent from the get-go with opener “Fortress”. Initially, some loose garage-rock guitars swell over Julian Growcott’s nonchalant vocals. Abruptly and delightfully, a delicious psychedelic swirl of organs signals a shift to a more rigidly polished sound, where those Blur-meets-post-punk comparisons come out in full. It’s a killer track that immediately caught my ear.

Another highlight off the EP is “Mrs Starkey”, an infectious guitar-led track reminiscent of I Should Coco-era Supergrass. It’s a tidy one throughout, with an outstanding final minute-and-a-half featuring a very enticing guitar solo that spontaneously alters effects and perceptions of distance. It’s an excellent cap to one of several highlights on The Vaporettos’ debut EP, a highly recommended release that you can stream below and buy on Bandcamp:

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