Chemists – “Heirloom Luna”


Chemists is the atmospheric electronic project of Virginia-based songwriter/producer Danny Bozella. On the gorgeous “Heirloom Luna”, his tranquil vocals sway over a psychedelic assortment of twinkling chimes, warm synth-pads, and obscured instrumental samples. These samples are washed in reverb and executed beautifully, but apart from a few guitar twangs the instrument producing each one is fairly unknowable. This was also the case on Caribou’s 2007 album Andorra (example), whose similar method of production was one of its reasons for success. It produces a similarly striking shroud of mystery throughout Bozella’s new album, Vision In Furs, as well.

“Heirloom Luna” is just one stylistic endeavor on the eclectic Vision In Furs. The self-titled track has a deeply resonating bass drum throughout with a tinge of soul, reminding me of some Silky Johnson cuts in that sense. Meanwhile, the lo-fi guitar-pop of “It’s Still You…” presents trickling beauty, as was the case on “Heirloom Luna”, but with an entirely natural feel led by the arpeggios of an acoustic guitar and Bozella’s faint vocals. Chemists’ Vision In Furs has tons of goodness throughout, so it’s entirely recommended the stream the album in full below:


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