Getting The Best Out Of Your Music

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love music; who whistles while they work or dances when no-one is looking. How many people, then, are listening to their favourite tunes at their best? Are you giving your playlists the love they deserve?

If not, you’ll find some tips here to get your system sounding like a dream. You might not have the resources of many of the artists you own, but it doesn’t take much to get things sounding as they were intended to. Whether you’re still listening on old-school analogue formats or have gone completely digital, there’s always a way to improve on the quality.

First of all, something that both digital and analogue lovers can fiddle with: the equaliser. You might feel intimidated to play with it at first, but with some fine-tuning you can breathe some fresh air into your music. One reason why you might do this is to compensate for how your speakers produce the sounds, perhaps accommodating for treble that’s too loud.

Of course, if you’re simply a fan of massive bass, then by all means crank it up as much as you dare. Certain music genres will also favour certain sound bands, meaning that if you want the most from funk music, for example, you’ll need to turn up the mid-tones. Don’t be afraid to play with the equaliser next time you have the chance and, with a little patience, you’ll find you new groove – remember that portable devices will also have one, so check it out for great sounding tunes no matter where you go. Howtogeek shows you how.

What about what the music is actually coming out off? With the smartphone revolution more and more of us are listening to music through headphones, and the best piece of advice to follow is to ditch the stock earphones straight away. Following that you need to evaluate your needs – earphones are more portable, but to get better sound quality you’ll need a tight fit inside your ears, and more traditional headphones may leak sound and annoy those around you at high volumes but you won’t be able to beat the bass tones. If you want to fill up your home with music or you’re planning a party with some serious beats then you might want to think about breaking out the big guns and picking up some active speakers from

If you’re looking for a new set of speakers, a sound system or headphones always remember the golden rule: try before you buy. Insist that you demo the product in stores with a song you’re familiar with – ideally one that has a wide range of sounds – to get the best idea of what you’re getting (The Wall by Pink Floyd is a classic for demo-ing). Stand with the speakers converging on you and don’t be afraid to be critical, but take your wallet into consideration as high-quality speakers can be very expensive.

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