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Ten of the Best Songs to Drive to

There is no drive in the world that can’t be enlivened by music. The car, the mood, the weather and the journey itself are each key indicators in the choice of tunes – sheets of rain in December and The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrati...

Does Your Choice of Music Affect Your Driving?

There is always a parent who drives with a little more verve in the absence of the other parent in the passenger seat. Most people seem to remember their dad literally and metaphorically rocking the car forwards to Led Zeppelin...


Spotify & Sprint Partnership: What Does It Mean For Music Lovers?

For many of us who live our lives seemingly always connected to internet, Spotify has completely replaced our music collection with one that can be streamed anywhere, but what are the effects of their recent deal with telecommu...

The Power of Music

Music has the power to provoke every emotion known to humanity. You’ll see huge smiles on the faces of Glastonbury fans, or tears running down the cheeks of a person listening to an operatic aria. Music can also connect and hea...


What Makes the Perfect Music Venue?

When you go to watch a concert, you want to have the best time possible. You spend ages getting increasingly excited about your trip to somewhere like the O2 in London to watch your favourite band and you dream about seeing the...