Isaac – “The Unknowns Blues”


Isaac is a rising synth-pop artist with a crisp-clean sound. His new single, “The Unknowns Blues”, appears to be his first major release. Already receiving positive feedback on SoundCloud, “The Unknowns Blues” has Isaac delivering a contagiously effervescent synth-pop sound very comparable to Kurt Feldman’s Ice Choir project. Isaac previously collaborated with the already-featured Nick Lattanzi, who’s also skilled at this whole synth-pop thing. Lattanzi’s Sun Cut Flat project is more stylistically eclectic and technically impressive, with touches of everything from hip-hop to jazz and Afro-pop. For comparisons sake, Isaac’s more to-the-point delivery seems likelier to achieve radio play with its highly accessible approach. “The Unknowns Blues” touts bouncy synths that travel alongside chirpy keys, making for a gleeful sound alongside Isaac’s amiable vocals. The backing vocal “(Just say a little bit of this, little bit of that)” hook is executed well as a bridge to the increasingly pulsating beat. I expect more radio-friendly flair from Isaac in the near future.


Mike Mineo

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