Mombi – “Rain Schadow”

Mombi music

Mombi is an atmosphere-heavy project from Denver, incorporating electronic and rock elements into a sound that creeps forward for big pay-offs, as is the case on the excellent track “Rain Schadow”. Wind-chime effects linger throughout the opening, with subdued bass-percussion establishing its presence before trickling acoustics complement Kael Smith’s delicate vocals. The structure resembles the progression of a rainstorm; the initial sounds are a gentle pit-pattering on your roof, before a series of thunder complements a more intense rainfall. The storm’s entry in this track is marked by a playful yet restrained synth just before the three-minute mark. After that, “Rain Schadow” incorporates all prior instrumentation to result in an extremely powerful final minute-and-a-half.

Rainy day or not, “Rain Schadow” is a heck of a listen. Listen to the rest of Mombi’s Turning Witch EP below:

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  1. Nice one. Fantastic band, vocals and folk feeling of Midlake but brooding atmosphere of mogwai. Works well.

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