AstroMike Gordon – “I’ve Been to Berlin”

AstroMike Gordon

In addition to strong tracks like “Ministry Song” and “Youthful Spite“, one of my favorite tracks off AstroMike Gordon’s exceptional new album is “I’ve Been to Berlin”. Its beginning features a mellow bass crawl, with a subtle tone that nicely showcases the evolving vocals of singer/songwriter Cristoffer Csanady. Lush, jangly guitars slowly trickle into the soundscape, with Csanady’s vocals picking up pace during the second verse, which is accompanied by new click-clacking percussion. “Such fools, idiots, they’ve never been to Berlin,” he croons during the hook-y chorus. After its second go-around, the atmospheric second half kicks off, with loopy keys and intensifying guitars accompanying Csanady’s creeping vocals. It’s another tidily infectious effort off AstroMike Gordon’s eponymous new album, which you can stream in full below:

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