Chimp Shed A.D. – “Was I There”

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Chimp Shed A.D. are a new duo out of the UK that blend Brit-pop aesthetics with various rock sub-genre touchstones. Their hypnotic track “Was I There” is on the more psychedelic spectrum, marked by nonchalant vocal reflections and phased spacey guitar effects. It’s a highlight off their new eponymous full-length, which can be streamed in full below. Beginning with simplistic guitar reverberations and a squiggly backing synth, the vocal melodic shift around the 30-second mark signals the effort’s eventual atmospheric and hook-y journey, which doesn’t fully take off until the loopy synth accompaniments and additional distorted guitar line take full flight just before the two-minute point. The final minute is my favorite part of the track, offering up a hypnotic finale reminiscent of Blur’s psychedelic exploration¬†on their 1999 album¬†13. This is certainly a promising start for Chimp Shed A.D..

Mike Mineo

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