GGOOLLDD – “Younger Days”


On new track “Younger Days”, Milwaukee-based GGOOLLDD expertly blend elements of ’80s post-punk with more recent synth-pop infatuations, resulting in a sound that reminds me significantly of Frankie Rose (listen to “Know Me“) — which is a very good thing. GGOOLLDD are releasing their debut EP tomorrow, and you can get a peek now into their entrancing sound with “Younger Days”. Starting with a fun and prominent bass line that would be more typical of indie-rock funsters like Foxygen or Smith Westerns, the track then reveals a fierce female lead and clangy ’80s-tinged guitar tones that inject a nocturnal contrast to the effervescent bass line. A bouncy synth line serves as an infectious bridge after the first verse, then transitioning into a vocal-accompanied synth interlude the second time around. It all culminates into a massive minute-plus finale where the rhythm section increases in ferocity alongside the shimmering guitars and rising vocals, before one final bouncy synth interlude. “Younger Days” is one hell of a track, and hopefully a sign of things to come for this talented Milwaukee-based band.

Check out another one of GGOOLLDD’s tracks, the more synth-driven “Bling Ring”, below. This one reminds me more of a M83/Crystal Castles hybrid:

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  1. Love the guitars.
    Also: i love the art of making shuffle not sounding like everything John Fogerty ever released. Not that i’m not a fan of CCR or such as, it’s just that shuffle has some kind of corny qualities built into the whole concept and the way we perceive a shuffled beat, which GGOOLLDD clearly stays clear of. Good work!

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