Kyle Bauder – “Mudmen”

Kyle Bauder

“Mudmen” is a superb track from Canadian singer/songwriter Kyle Bauder, who describes the eclectic sounds throughout his new album Caution!Curve as “a cross between MGMT, Gorillaz, Joel Plaskett, and Tame Impala.” It’s quite a confident comparison considering Caution!Curve is Bauder’s first home-recorded solo album. It sounds great, though — better than a lot of studio recordings I’ve heard lately. Good production aside, Bauder is a skilled songwriter capable of touching upon several genres. The droopy psychedelic crawl of “Mudmen” is one example, with a stoned pace and languid vocals helping lead a mellowly infectious flow reminiscent of, yes, Tame Impala. Meanwhile, “Tacoma Girl (Everyday People” is something different entirely — an electro-minded mashup of sounds with bursts of twangy guitars and incoherent vocals. This one presents infectious hecticness compared to the contemplative smokiness of “Mudmen”. Hear Bauder’s other ingenious stylistic creations below, by streaming the entirety of Caution!Curve, which is highly recommended:

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