Pin Tweaks – “Girl on the Wire”

Pin Tweaks

Pin Tweaks are a brand-new duo with a debut track, “Girl on the Wire”, they just released yesterday. The early showings are positive, largely because of their strong creative partnership and shared atmospheric influences. “We’re both twins and we met because we were dating a pair of sisters so there has always been a strong pull towards the geminal,” they explain. “Plus we’re big fans of David Lynch and some of our sounds try to evoke the dark, claustrophobic, twisted sides of the urban and suburban which often feature in his work.” Although new, Pin Tweaks already have some interesting stories. The project is comprised of Aman and Johnny, who met while living in Bruges. They then both moved back to London and formed a now-defunct garage rock band that played two gigs: one that was shut down by police, and the other with their drummer fracturing his vertebrae by jumping off the stage. Now in a more relaxed mode, their creative chemistry is leading the way with Pin Tweaks

Though not quite Lynch-ian in its darkness,”Girl on the Wire” is a melodic slice of spacey pop, treading various electro-pop, trip-hop, and alternative hip-hop influences with a ceaselessly buzzing bass, nonchalantly reverbed vocal lead, and twangy synth effects. The “four in the morning” line that repeats in hypnotic form is apt considering the nocturnal vibes throughout; it seems like they took note from nocturnal influences like Massive Attack, The Weeknd, and Burial, and used their knowledge of various genres to create a sound of their own. The Weeknd’s still-drunk-the-morning-after-a-breakup feel is certainly present on this track, too. I’m looking forward to seeing what Pin Tweaks put out next.

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  1. they actually ripped off the bass line from riff raff + action bronson’s “bird on a wire” which was released in 2012.

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