Nick Raven – “Strange Days”

Nick Raven

The tranquil, acoustic-driven stylings of Nick Raven’s new track, “Strange Days”, shows the singer-songwriter’s stylistic diversity in full stride; his previous effort, the excellent “Nineteen Fifty Three”, had more of an electric post-punk resonance. For this new track, the New Zealand-based artist enlisted the production of Greg Haver (known for his work with Manic Street Preachers and many others), who lends a hand toward the mystically gentle pop/rock hybrid on “Strange Days”. Nick Raven’s songwriting style continues to be patient and melodically resounding in its approach, and “Strange Days” is no different. The acoustic guitar tones are fit for a spring day with baby blue skies, with a chorus lifted up by an effervescent synth pad of sorts besides Raven’s calming vocals. The message – not to ignore the beauty of the present by putting too much stock in the future – is blissfully agreeable, as well. Everything I’ve heard so far from Nick Raven has been excellent.


Mike Mineo

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  1. on another occasion, i sent an email asking you “please you not cancel the compilations of excellent music”… (i miss june, july and august…….)

    please!!!! for me… is important for living well, although you may not believe.

    i write from guadalajara, jalisco. Mexico.

  2. I’m behind on the comps but they are not canceled by any means — look out for them in flurries shortly.

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