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Chimpshed A.D. – “When We Levitate”

Chimpshed AD

UK duo Chimpshed A.D. have unleashed more crunchy, colorful, and infectious psych-rock goodness with new track “When We Levitate”. Whereas previously featured effort “Was I There” featured a more contemplative, somewhat stoned take on engaging psych-rock, “When We Levitate” is a more energetic and charismatic offering. A bouncy bass line and jungle-set vocal backings and percussion comprise the alert intro, before a clear vocal interlude starts at 01:10 and helps usher in the track’s most dynamic and creative elements, specifically the otherworldly assimilation of jangly guitars and spacey synths that begin at 01:33. The jumpily infectious bass line mostly exists throughout as the instrumental constant, though this otherworldly chorus of sorts steals the show. “When We Levitate” is another quality effort from this talented UK duo.

Check out the video for “When We Levitate” below:

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