Toph – “Limits”


Toph Allen’s wonderfully atmospheric brand of instrumental electronica utilizes a form of patient, tactful songwriting that stylistically comparable acts like Boards of Canada and Röyksopp have become renowned for. Toph’s new track “Limits” seems to blend the ambient beauty of Boards of Canada with Röyksopp’s pop-laden underlying rhythms. Small additions – like the introduction of a synth arp around the two-minute mark and the haunting string flourishes a few moments later as that arp progresses – are brilliantly executed. A frail and enjoyably queasy acoustic-like lead pops up here and there, providing an interesting dynamic to the lush electronic sounds accompanying it.

The track’s second half – with more swelling string and arpeggio additions – seems like a dark/light contrast of sorts; the sounds from 04:30 onward are reminiscent of a sunrise, while the moments preceding it produce serene nocturnal vibes, at least in my mind. Chalk this up to outstanding production choices, considering the melodic progressions are consistent throughout. This is up there with some of the better instrumental electronica I’ve heard all year. Check out the rest of Toph’s new release, Path Dependence, below:

Mike Mineo

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  1. thank you so much for your postings.
    i’ve been following for a while and you’ve become my favourite music blog.


  2. thank you so much for your postings,
    i’ve been following for a while now and you’ve become my favorite music blog.


  3. hahaha that went twice, beautiful sounds btw, i would like it if u could post more the sort of electronical, synth pop, boards of canada, pin tweaks, oslo parks, kind of posts.

    have you listen to mux mool-valley girls?

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