Cold, Cold Heart – “Stand/Still”


New post-rock trio Cold, Cold Heart produce a consistently gorgeous atmosphere throughout their track “Stand/Still”. Gentle guitar twangs and soft aquatic-like trickles comprise the beginning, which flows with a comfortable sameness throughout the first two minutes. A subtle melodic addition past 2:30 signals a well-executed shift, especially as the more chime-y guitar sound enters after the three-minute mark. From this point forward, the lush ocean-like atmosphere is in full stride, especially with the slightly distorted swelling toward the conclusion. This is the type of track that will get positive attention from those seeking film scoring work. “Stand/Still” is a track of understated beauty that shows Cold, Cold Heart as a group with patient songwriting that certainly pays off.

Fans of Explosions in the Sky and other atmospherically gifted post-rockers with a penchant for patiently developing songwriting will found immediate solace in the work of Cold, Cold Heart. Another one of their efforts, the equally beautiful “Wolf Eyes, You’re Staring”, can be streamed below:


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