Couch Jackets – “Frozen Death (Happy Ending)”


Boston-based rockers Couch Jackets’ new track “Frozen Death (Happy Ending)” showcases a wide assortment of enjoyable twists and turns, even in the first minute alone. Snarling guitars and an angsty vocal delivery transitions into an effervescent chorus with hints of sunny prog-rock and even reggae (at least in terms of the guitar’s rhythmic choices). The Robert Plant-esque vocals from 01:35 to 01:50 are particularly entrancing in a nostalgic sense, followed by a gorgeously fluttering guitar bridge. The percussive build-up around 02:40 is a stellar choice to cohesively travel into the track’s second half, which is initially marked by spacey guitar warbles and intensifying vocals before transitioning again into the friendly, bright chorus.

Propelled especially by the warmly anthemic guitar solo just past the four-minute mark, the track rounds out in stellar form during its conclusion. Here and prior to this, I’m reminded of several artists — from Bryan Scary‘s anthemic psych-rock to Led Zep’s passionate vocal/guitar interplay. This is one of the more colorful and unpredictable tracks I’ve heard in the prog-rock genre, all while retaining a spirit of desirable accessibility.


Mike Mineo

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