September: The Month Music Videos Went Morph Mad

If you like keeping up to date with the latest popular online music videos, below you’ll discover some of the best that September had to offer. A lot of the videos that went viral last month featured impressive Morph Costumes and themes. Morph is definitely bang on trend this season!

Grid – Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius, otherwise known as Mike Hadreas, has been one of the greatest acts to enter the music scene in recent years. His first two albums ‘Learning’ and ‘Put Your Back N 2 It’ impressed music lovers around the world. He certainly has a rare talent of producing stunning, emotional and hard hitting music. Now with his third album ‘Too Bright’, he has completely switched his style, including more experimental tracks and it has gained universal acclaim.

Grid is one of the highlights of the new album and its dark theme has captivated audiences. As reviewed on Pitchfork, Grid addresses one of Hadreas’s hidden struggles. It is one of his most energetic songs and features a dark, menacing style. One of the most captivating scenes in the video includes Hadreas surrounded by people dressed in grey, menacing morphsuits. They represent the singer’s demons and certainly add an eerie feel to the video.

Manipulator – Ty Segall

The interactive Manipulator video by Ty Segall is by far one of the strangest, most colourful videos released in September. Segall burst onto the music scene in 2008 and has gained quite a prolific following. With every new album he creates, it reveals a different aspect of his personality and talent. Manipulator features exceptional attention to detail and he even manages to pull off most of the instruments by himself. This ‘out there’ video is truly magnificent and is definitely worth a watch or five!

Walking with Elephants – Ten Walls

Ten Walls, otherwise known as Mario Basanov, is one of the newest artists on the music scene. After his first album release in 2013, Basanov is back with his hit single ‘Walking with Elephants’. The video features a unique aerial camera angle that you rarely see in films these days. It follows migration habits of the morphsuit. It is quite a surreal video reminiscent of a Pink Floyd cover. However it is also very entertaining.

The morphsuit has definitely exploded in popularity lately. There are even morphsuit videos uploaded by a group of guys known as the Morphsuit Bandido. Most videos include them dressing up in these famous suits and shooting guns. It’s strange, yet extremely entertaining.

Overall morphsuits are certainly an on-trend topic. If you have a fancy dress party coming up, why not embrace the trend and invest in a quality suit or t-shirt? You can even find animated morph t-shirts that work via an app that you activate through your smartphone. Featuring real beating hearts and moving eyeballs, these t-shirts are particularly great for Halloween. Standard suits come in numerous colours and are a unique choice for Halloween and Christmas parties. They may be a little too warm for summer though!

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