RxGF – “How to Make It”

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RxGF’s “How to Make It” is a darkly infectious take on the music industry’s choke-hold on young and aspiring performers, who often have no choice but to trust those who vow to make them a star. As such, “How to Make It” is a nocturnal Hollywood-set thriller, crafted by a Brooklyn/Seattle indie/darkwave group who have been building an ardent following throughout their four releases. Their newest and fourth album, Any Other Way, just dropped this month, and features nice efforts like “How to Make It”. With a style that blends the dark post-punk of Siouxsie Sioux or John Maus with the electro-tinged infectiousness of Massive Attack or Savages, RxGF’s darkly enriching atmosphere is carried by vocalist Angeline Schaaf, a 20-year-old who joined RxGF after band leader – producer and Seattle native John Morgan Reilly – spent over a year auditioning vocalists before finding the perfect fit with Schaaf. Her smoky and mysterious vocals are a great presence throughout Any Other Way and “How to Make It”, whose hypnotic and color-shifting video can be viewed below:

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