Posted November 19, 2014 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Tom Flash – “Home”

tom flash music

Tom Flash’s new track “Home” sports an immediately engaging guitar crawl reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, before navigating through a variety of rock fixtures — from the punk-tinged chorus to the dexterous art-rock bursts. This dexterous and flavorful burst of art-rock is accompanied commendably by a variety of vocal fluctuations, which move quickly through various structural segments — from near-screams in the verses to a fantastic, anthemic chorus that’ll get stuck in most listeners’ heads (“don’t you wanna go home”). The exotic guitar flourishes around 02:20 and onward til 02:40, in addition to the steady rhythm section, is another highlight. The relatively ambitious structure may initially be too overwhelming for some at first, but the track’s fluidity is highly apparent after a minute or two. “Home” is a great blast of energy from this very promising rock group.


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