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832 is the brotherly duo of Nawlege 405 and Solomis, two Oklahoma City natives who craft a pleasant type of hip-hop whose playful pitch changes and electro-pop backing reminds of Outkast’s ability to flaunt an eclectic stylistic reach while staying true to their hip-hop roots. 832 take their numerical name from their childhood home’s house number, symbolic of the bond that runs deep between these two musicians. Real names De’Scaun Lee Parker and Travon Damar Parker, 832 also have roots in Dallas, where they recorded their 2011 EP, Synergy.

832’s sophomore full-length, The RAP-ture, was released this past November. One of its highlights is the dazzling single “Burn”, which features Juju sporadically on vocals. With a smooth handclap-laden beat with flourishes of everything from strings to jazzy keys, the duo and Juju entertainingly traverse through both smooth-as-butter melodic verses and aggressive hip-hop deliveries — certainly a strength of current industry leaders like Kendrick Lamar and Run the Jewels. Centered around the memorable “I think I’m on fire” chorus, it’s a fine track that shows this talented duo as certainly worth checking out.

Stream the entirety of The RAP-ture below or on Bandcamp:

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